My Heros at the Winter Olympics

(quick side note: I know I’m a million years behind but this has been saved in my drafts and I’ve just gotten around to finishing it)

Let’s talk about the Winter Olympics… “what about it” you may ask… TEENS !! First, as you can probably guess. CHLOE KIM. Like HOW AWESOME IS SHE?! Honestly, she makes me feel so lame. GOLD MEDAL OLYMPIAN at 17?! I know I know, I’m using an excessive amount of capitals but she deserves it! You think that she’s done and her last lap is a victory lap because it was already determined she had won the gold medal but NO! She goes on the pipe and gets a 98.25! My reaction to how awesome she is…


Her tweets definitely deserve some mention too. Because, well, just look for yourself.


And when you thought she couldn’t get any better…


The second person I wanna talk about is Red Gerard. I have never seen someone so chill at the Olympics and still do so well. I know if I was at the Olympics I would be freaking out the night before! Definitely not watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine the night before my event, miss my alarm, clock, lose my coat, then win gold. Red, if you ever read this, teach me your ways!!!!!


And his Jimmy Kimmel interview had me laughing SO HARD!

Moral of this post, Chloe and Red never change you guys are amazing and I live for it! Thanks for reading! Till next post 🙂