How to STOP Travel Breakouts!

When I sit on flights thousands of feet in the air I can almost feel my face breaking out. It feels like bad skin while traveling is inevitable. It sucks because who wants a big pimple while trying to tan on the beach or riding a bike in Amsterdam? Oh yeah, that’s right, NO ONE!!!! I’m no skincare expert but these are the tips and tricks that I recommend trying to fight travel breakouts.

For pre-flight, I would recommend hydration.  Trust me, I feel you, people are constantly telling me lots of water is key to good skin. It feels like you hear it every day. But, it becomes even more important when traveling. For both your skin and health. I always try to bring an empty water bottle and fill it up after I get past TSA. Last time in the airport, for example, I stopped at Starbucks before boarding along with my breakfast sandwich. I also asked them to fill my water bottle. Obviously, you can also find a water fountain, but if you’re already in line ordering, it never hurts to ask to fill your bottle. Another important key factor to good travel skin is moisturizer!!! Moisturizer is your best friend. However, don’t overdo it and clog up your pores just because you are flying that day. At the same time, don’t forget just because sometimes you don’t follow your everyday routine when traveling. Or if you have a really early flight.

Makeup is also something you may wanna change up a little bit for a traveling day. Try not to wear anything too heavy. Swap out your normal foundation for a tinted moisturizer or if you wanna go even lighter, maybe just use concealer where you feel it is needed. And if you feel like you don’t need any face makeup traveling, even better!

This on-flight trick is a little funkier. I admit I have never done this, but I recently was stalking Shay Mitchell (seriously a queen) and saw she did this trick (and it wasn’t only her I see do this, many celebs follow this trick as well). During the flight, she wears a face mask. From what I’ve seen, she does a sheet mask for about 15 minutes and rubs in the product that stayed on her face after she was done. Next time I’m flying (which is very soon) I will definitely try this and let you know!

Last but not least, after the flight. If I had to give you one tip about skincare right after the flight is to detox your face!!!! You really just wanna feel fresh and your face will thank you later if you use a really good deep cleansing face wash after traveling. After traveling, it very common to just wanna crash right on your bed or go right out and adventure. But guys, give it a good wash.

Hope this helps you next time your traveling!

Becoming A Tourist in Your Own City

I know it was already a week ago but… I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! With Thanksgiving already passed it seems like the year is blowing by. Winter/Holiday break is approaching FAST and before you know it your day will become a lot less busy. Of course, we love this time off but you may experience some boredom and start wishing that you were travelling this break. Luckily, you don’t have to travel to be a tourist. You can discover new things and visit new places in your own city. Here are some things that you can do to beat the “break boredom”.

Visit the welcome center

Nothing scream tourist like visiting your very own welcome. You may be surprised at what fun things you may find.

Visit museums

This one may be a little more obvious but I seriously recommend it. Chances are your city has many of them. So you don’t have to limit yourself to one, visit a few!

Take a tour

Really any tour will do, from a ghost tour to a historical tour learning more about your city helps you learn things you’ve never known before about the place you’re living in.

Go on is the place for finding the best anything for the city you are in. Shops, bars, restaurants, you name it!

Get a hotel room

Sometimes a night out of your home is all you need.

Take a Walk Downtown

How many times have you just taken a walk Downtown and just enjoyed the scenery? And who knows, you may walk across something that interests you and just like that, your next tourist activity is a few steps ahead.




Discovering the Beauty of Iceland.

About a month ago I visited Iceland. It wasn’t for a very long time due to finals week but the time I did have there was extraordinary and just breathtakingly beautiful. To truly see Iceland it requires hiking and the outdoors. You may not be a wilderness expert but Iceland’s beauty is worth it. Don’t believe me? Maybe some pictures can prove it. Or maybe you’ll just have to visit yourself.IMG_6607.JPGIMG_6608.JPGVSCO Cam-1-4.jpgVSCO Cam-1-1.jpgVSCO Cam-1-3.jpgVSCO Cam-1.jpgIMG_6972.JPGIMG_6609.JPG

How to make friends in Fiji

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Bula is a word you certainly won’t forget after traveling to Fiji. If you were to translate Bula to English you would find it means “hello”, but to this culture it means so much more. Walking in Nadi town center, I would receive many Bulas from complete strangers. Not only would I constantly hear Bula, but see it all around too. Water bottle brands were named Bula, cafés named Bula, and even clothing stores named Bula. When I first noticed the recurring Bula it seemed a little strange, why would they name everything “hello”? As I spent more time in Fiji, I realized just how much Bula meant to them. Bula is a word that started many long lasting memories between the Fijians and I. Just by saying this four-lettered word you instantly have a bond. Bula constantly reminded you just how friendly the Fijians are, no matter what living condition they are in. Bula is what was yelled to me while riding in the car when passing school yards, and what was yelled as I walked through villages and swam in waterfalls. Bula is so much more to Fijians than just “hello” and after being truly touched by the culture, Bula means so much more to me, too.