June 2016 Favorites

Hey guys, so it being the end of the month I am doing my first ever monthly favorites blog post yay! Starting off with hair I love the L. Erickson Ponytail Holders. I know that in the summer I wear my hair up more. Not only that, but these hair ties are perfect for working out and sports, I wear these hair ties at my lacrosse tournaments at they keep my hair up all day. My favorite asset of these hair ties are they SO easy to take off, and my hair never gets knotted up in the hair tie. Yankee Candles Clean Cotton Fragrance Spheres is something I have recently became obsessed with. It’s perfect for just putting in your room or a cup holder of the car to make it smell amazing. Yankee obviously has other scents that probably smell good too but I love the fresh smell of their clean cotton scent. Keeping with the fragrance theme a perfume that I love is the Tory Burch My First Fragrance. Simply put, it smells so good and is perfect for a night out. A summer trend that I definitely wear a lot is rompers. Typically I will buy my rompers from Apricot Lane Boutique, but unfortunately that’s not in every state. I think Tobi could be a good alternative to Apricot Lane for Rompers. Staying hydrated is always an giphyimportant task during the summer months and S’well does a very good job at keeping your cold drinks cold. Not only that but these bottles keep the hot drinks hot. There is so many designs and colors I can’t even pick my favorite. Hope you guys enjoyed my first monthly favorites THANKS (:

A summer beauty must

imgresYou are constantly reminded during the summer months how important sunscreen is. For an everyday glow with light natural coverage (and 30 SPF, how convenient!) I use NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum. I absolutely adore this product for a cleaner looking face. It doesn’t get cakey and helps moisturize. The one way I would describe it would be what they put in the product description “Your skin – almost bare, but better”. With that being said this is a product that I wouldn’t use going out to dinners, parties and such. I want emphasize the light coverage part. I know that for going out, I would surely want more coverage. Definitely use if you’re looking for a daytime coverage, this is perfect!

Favorite drugstore mascaras

With some of the shortest eyelashes in the world it’s always hard to find an affordable mascara that gives me good length, volume and is clump-free. One of my all time favorite drugstore mascaras is L’Oréal Butterfly Intenza. It really curls the eyelashes up as you use it and has an amazing wing-tip brush. Something I really love about this bolding mascara is that it isn’t sticky. I use this mascara for an effortless everyday look. A really good drugstore waterproof mascara that I depend on is the CoverGirl Plumpify BlastPRO. This mascara does beautiful things to my eyelashes while staying completely waterproof and it doesn’t get crumply. Great mascara for summer swims or sporting events. If you’re looking for good yet affordable mascaras I highly recommend these two.

How to make friends in Fiji

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Bula is a word you certainly won’t forget after traveling to Fiji. If you were to translate Bula to English you would find it means “hello”, but to this culture it means so much more. Walking in Nadi town center, I would receive many Bulas from complete strangers. Not only would I constantly hear Bula, but see it all around too. Water bottle brands were named Bula, cafés named Bula, and even clothing stores named Bula. When I first noticed the recurring Bula it seemed a little strange, why would they name everything “hello”? As I spent more time in Fiji, I realized just how much Bula meant to them. Bula is a word that started many long lasting memories between the Fijians and I. Just by saying this four-lettered word you instantly have a bond. Bula constantly reminded you just how friendly the Fijians are, no matter what living condition they are in. Bula is what was yelled to me while riding in the car when passing school yards, and what was yelled as I walked through villages and swam in waterfalls. Bula is so much more to Fijians than just “hello” and after being truly touched by the culture, Bula means so much more to me, too.