I’m officially a high school grad and I’m off to college next year (pause for excitement)!!! This is a list compiled of things that I would want for a grad gift (so trust me when I say these are GREAT). You want to get something practical but still cute and fun! An easy way to make a gift more personal is specializing it to the school they’ll be attending or getting their name/ initials embroidered on. Now, for the list…

Hamper/ Laundry Bag

I just got this gift last night and it is amazing. It has my school colors, my name, and the university I’ll be attending on it. What more could you ask for?!

Jewelry Box

You can get a compact travel jewelry case for when they’re on-the-go or one to keep in their dorm room.


This is vital for communal bathrooms and the walks back to the dorm room.

Picture Collages

I love how sentimental and personal this gift is. It is great for close friends and family!


The one disclaimer of the embroidered pillows is that they are super expensive, but cute nonetheless 🙂

Water Bottle/ Tumbler Cup

I know my college encourages reusable water bottles and sooo many college students like their coffee in the morning so both of these things are a perfect grad gift.

Clutches and Pouches

From pencil pouches to cute clutches for makeup these are ALWAYS needed.

Instant Camera

Polaroids are such a fun way of collecting memories in college!

Gift Cards

I know what your thinking, is this impersonal? The answer is not at all! If you know a restaurant/ fast food place they love that will also be on their campus, buy them a gift card for it.

Portable Charger

So that they can charge their phone anytime, anywhere!

One thought on “Best Grad Gifts (coming from a grad)

  1. As a college alum. ( Go Bucks). One idea that is full proof as a gift is anything dealing with my undergrad school. It is the timeless gift. As for the particular items related to form life and college life Dead On . No more wasted time trying to find gifts for my nieces. ( I have 3 starting college) You Go girl go. E-diddy


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