Things I’m Leaving in 2017

As we celebrate a new year, we also like to look back on the one we had before. We reminiscence upon the good and the bad. Although, sometimes   I like to think it, we can’t just all magically drop our bad habits. However, you can always improve. These are the things I’m going to (try) to  leave in 2018. My list will be short and sweet but still, as you read these I hope you can add to your list of things you’d like to leave in 2018.

  1. Overthinking

I have done this enough times in my life to last me for many years to come. I do not need it in my 2018 self.

     2. Procrastination

This one will no doubt be hard for me. But Netflix, you can wait!

    3. Fearing change

Yes, I’m not denying that sometimes it is scary but I will try my best to embrace it.

    4. Making excuses

Get that workout in. Turn in that paper. Study for that test.

    5. Caring what others think

Don’t let other opinions control your choices.