Hello everybody! Today, I’d thought it would be fun to write products and activities you can do to spunk up your holiday sleepover. So… invite you best friends over, light a fire (in your fireplace haha), and get these things to have the absolute best holiday sleepover.

I think face masks are always a fun activity. And it has it’s skincare perks too! You have so many options, you can do a full face mask or just an eye one. If you are really looking to have fun with it you can always do face masks with designs or fun colors. Certainly, don’t forget about the fun selfies you can all take once they’re on.

You can create a cute hot chocolate bar with different types of cocoa powder and toppings. If you wanna get really extravagant, you can get a mug with different initials on it for each of your friends!

MAKING GINGERBREAD HOUSES! If you are anything like me, you really don’t like eating them… I just think they don’t taste that good. With that said, I love making them! There is so much you can do with the design. No amazing christmas sleepover is complete without this activity.

To be honest, mine never turn out nearly this good… but it doesn’t stop me from channeling my inner-gingerbread-decorating-chef-master-artist and trying my best (even if it does end up falling mid-decorating).

When my friends and I have our holiday sleepover, we always wear holiday themed pajamas. It’s always a fun, easy things we like to put us in the spirit. You can all get the same pair, or switch it up and each get different ones. If you are going to lounge around in pajamas, might as well do it in something but comfy and spirited.

If you and your friends wanna get out of the house for a little then I recommend ice skating. Especially, if you live close to a city that offers ice skating downtown. Seeing the decorated holiday lights hung up in the city is always cool to see. Seeing them while ice skating with your best friends is even more fun!!

Thanks for reading! Until next time, Claire!!!!!

One thought on “All the Essentials to Have the BEST Holiday Sleepover

  1. Claire , you are always timely with your articles and the best time of the year is no different ! In fact , I just started planning my party for next week . Of course, as always, I am going to use your suggestions . Merry Christmas Claire Marie and Happy New Year to you and yours . Xoxoxo


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