I Bet You’ve Never Heard of… Andor…

Recently, I was scrolling through Youtube and game across a video called “I Accidentally Became Famous in Another Country” (press on to be taken to the link). The lady in the video explains that she had to come up with a Buzzfeed article, as she is a writer for them, and couldn’t think any ideas. Long story short, she write an article called “14 Pics that Prove Malta is the Most Underrated Country in the Mediterranean” (again you can click to see article). This gave me a stroke of inspiration… why don’t I do a recurring segment about some less traveled countries around the world and best places within them!

For the first post of “I Bet You’ve Never Heard of…” I will write aboutttttttttttttt…..


andorra-1.jpgI know what you’re thinking: “where’s this Andorra you speak of?” Well, I’m glad you asked. This adorable country is in the Pyrenees mountains right between Spain and France.

See the outlined black circle? Andorra is right in there. Cute right?andorra-map.jpg

Pal, Andorra an adorable village in the parish of La Massana Andorra-Pal-2.jpg

Ordino, Andorra located in the north of AndorraOrdino._Andorra_195.jpg

and if you’re a skier then Arinsal, Andorra is the place for you. header-arinsal-gondola.jpg


Here are a few popular ski resorts in Andorra




If you aren’t a skier that’s okay. You can always visit Sant Joan de Caselles Church aka THE tourist stop of Andorra. You can’t go without visiting this! I mean c’mon it can’t get more beautiful!!! Església_de_Sant_Joan_de_Caselles_-_7-4.jpg

This building is hard to miss if you are ever in Les Escaldes, Andorra. Along with its jaw dropping architecture this building doubles as a spa (called Caldea). I couldn’t think of a better way to relax and warm up from the slopes for a day, or maybe just a couple hours. Andorra-Inuu-Caldea-spa-complex.jpg

At the end of the day, Andorra’s natural beauty tops everything else and it’s only something you can really experience by visiting (but I’ll post some pictures to hold you over until you get there)!!!!!

Here are a few nature attractions

Tristaina Lake Trail 

Juclar Lake

Rec de l’Obac 

cc3aec74841b11214f527b1605603c22Natural beauty of Andorra gallery (9)valle-madriu-perafitaAndorra-1024x340