Hey guys, so it being the end of the month I am doing my first ever monthly favorites blog post yay! Starting off with hair I love the L. Erickson Ponytail Holders. I know that in the summer I wear my hair up more. Not only that, but these hair ties are perfect for working out and sports, I wear these hair ties at my lacrosse tournaments at they keep my hair up all day. My favorite asset of these hair ties are they SO easy to take off, and my hair never gets knotted up in the hair tie. Yankee Candles Clean Cotton Fragrance Spheres is something I have recently became obsessed with. It’s perfect for just putting in your room or a cup holder of the car to make it smell amazing. Yankee obviously has other scents that probably smell good too but I love the fresh smell of their clean cotton scent. Keeping with the fragrance theme a perfume that I love is the Tory Burch My First Fragrance. Simply put, it smells so good and is perfect for a night out. A summer trend that I definitely wear a lot is rompers. Typically I will buy my rompers from Apricot Lane Boutique, but unfortunately that’s not in every state. I think Tobi could be a good alternative to Apricot Lane for Rompers. Staying hydrated is always an giphyimportant task during the summer months and S’well does a very good job at keeping your cold drinks cold. Not only that but these bottles keep the hot drinks hot. There is so many designs and colors I can’t even pick my favorite. Hope you guys enjoyed my first monthly favorites THANKS (:

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