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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Bula is a word you certainly won’t forget after traveling to Fiji. If you were to translate Bula to English you would find it means “hello”, but to this culture it means so much more. Walking in Nadi town center, I would receive many Bulas from complete strangers. Not only would I constantly hear Bula, but see it all around too. Water bottle brands were named Bula, cafés named Bula, and even clothing stores named Bula. When I first noticed the recurring Bula it seemed a little strange, why would they name everything “hello”? As I spent more time in Fiji, I realized just how much Bula meant to them. Bula is a word that started many long lasting memories between the Fijians and I. Just by saying this four-lettered word you instantly have a bond. Bula constantly reminded you just how friendly the Fijians are, no matter what living condition they are in. Bula is what was yelled to me while riding in the car when passing school yards, and what was yelled as I walked through villages and swam in waterfalls. Bula is so much more to Fijians than just “hello” and after being truly touched by the culture, Bula means so much more to me, too.

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